19 August 2013

Little ornament WIP!

Tried to get a little finish in before my trip on Thursday but alas, my beads were either too big or too small for the bats! Luckily, my aunts have a trip to their LNS planned and the hunt will start again.

This is Waiting from the 2012 Halloween Just Cross Stitch.  My brother chose this one and I made several changes. The fence was supposed to be black and a single thread, I used brown and 2 threads for the posts outline and 1 thread for the markings.  The border was supposed to be blue-gray and I went with a dark navy.  The sun was supposed to be bright orange and I used WDW Fiesta which turned out splendid, if I do say so myself.  Baby bro chose Fiesta in about 2 seconds at the LNS and asked me what was so difficult about choosing colors. He lives, but barely! Haha. Anyway, this just needs some bats and it's done!