14 July 2013

New Additions!

We have two new additions to our house! One planned & long-awaited and one unplanned & sudden.  First the planned... Jake's new car!

After looking at several cars (to see if he'd fit - 2 hits & 1 miss on that test!), finally he decided on a 2014 Mazda 6, currently unnamed. Jet Black Mica with a sand interior, 6-speed standard shift.  Yes, he chose a manual that I can't drive yet! I'll learn one day and his total happiness over the purchase erased my angst.


And the unplanned addition... Tora!  Tora was found in a box in a Wal-mart parking lot with a sign that said free cat next to a somewhat friendly but shady guy.  She was very sweet and nice but had a matted eye and was generally in not good shape.  Our friend decided to take her and get her healthy.  The vet said she was too young to be removed from her mother causing her to be sick and gave her some antibiotics to straighten her out.  Fast forward a few months... our friend's dad decided one day to lock her in the back yard with no notice or chance to get her a new home.  So, we stepped in! We couldn't let such a tiny kitten be locked outside in the hottest part of the year! She's adapted very quickly to her new home but is very bitey and totally nuts.  We're *hoping* when she's old enough to get fixed, it'll calm her down!

Oh, and she *hates* being locked out of the bathroom when someone is in there.  It's pretty hilarious.  She throws herself at the door hoping to get in, sometimes hanging on the door knob and scratching with her back legs.  If we've not latched the door well, she gets in and sits patiently until we are done. Doesn't make another sound or cause any more trouble, no matter how long we take.  Totally weird.


  1. Hyperventilating here! You updated your blog! You got a SWEEEEEET new ride! You got a KITTEH! This is all too much for me! If you post a SAL update I'm going to totally pass out.

  2. Haha! No SAL update looming but... don't faint, I have the last 3 freebies on the 123 SAL done for show & tell but I doubt I'll get them "finished."

    1. WOAH! Do I have to wait two weeks to see???

      Also, more kitteh pictures, plz.