15 July 2013

More Tora!

As requested, more pics of Tora! When we first got her, I texted a pic a day to our friend who was worried and missing her. 

Her favorite evening activity is napping in Mom's lap when she gets home from work.  

She also likes sitting on top of chairs. It did freak me out at first that she likes to stare at the floor... WHAT is she looking at? Do I need to kill something?? Nope, she just likes hanging on stuff.  Pretty sure she's part monkey.

And sleeping upside down!

She loves long, skinny things... straws, pencils, cords. And by love, I mean completely obsessed. 120%.

Playing is hard work! She does that thing where she falls when she sleeps... the more asleep she gets the further she slides.  Hilariously cute.


  1. Aaaw! She looks like she's right at home. What a sweet kitty. Does she help you stitch?

    1. She likes to chew on the fabric. Or tries to. And the threads are surely trying to kill her. Haha