18 July 2013

Halloween Stash & the Dallas LNS!

A quick visit to the new-to-me Dallas LNS proved very pleasant!!! I love how open and spacious the store is and how they display their special floss.  Each color for CC, GA & Weeks has it's own spot on the wall which makes choosing a color MUCH easier.  The Kreinik is either in braids on a rotating stand or in beautiful wooden drawers by shade. They are kinda low on fabric but they do have some beautiful choices I hope to explore on my next visit. And they are just getting started!

Picked up some Halloween stash - JCS Halloween edition & a small black bat needle minder! So cute.  Also got a couple threads and a Mill Hill Christmas kit.

The store was playing country music loud enough to hear it but not too too loud. Ya know? AND they had guard puppies! Who doesn't love a store with cute critters.  The Westie is the more active guard puppy... also keeping the Mom on the ball with cookie time.  The Scottie is more laid back and content to nap under a table. But, should someone walk past the store without entering, she can be called upon to bark her disappointment! It was an awesome fast trip! And it's always fun to recognize someone and be recognized in return! I fear the closeness of the location and the ease of dropping in may damage my budget.  We shall see!

Also... Tora likes to help stitch by chewing on the fabric and frame! Managed to snap this shot before she did any damage to the fabric or my calm. We talked and she laid stretched out along my legs for the rest of her shift as helper.  Progress, slowly but surely! Crazy cat...

 Now... off to pick favorites from the JCS Halloween issue & compare notes with the Stitchy Cousin!


  1. LOVE!!! Awesome bat needle minder, adorable puppies (see in the pic where they nommed the corner of the chest?!), hilarious pic of new Stitchy Helper! Sounds like it was a good day!

    1. Didn't notice the chewed corner! I'll have to look around next time. Tora was none to happy about not being able to chew on the q-snap but as most babies do... she soon found another fascinating thing to chew on. She thinks she's a dog!