09 April 2013

Spring has arrived!

Ok.. I know spring officially started a while ago but at my house, spring is here when the turtles wake up.  They pay no attention to the weathermen and wake up several weeks after the last freeze.  We are supposed to have another cold spell at some point but no more freezes until winter.  Seasons in Texas don't play by any rules! 

A couple weeks ago on the way home from our favorite cafe, we passed a creek that we have come to call turtle creek.  These turtles do not hibernate and can be seen on any warm day regardless of the date.  But... we have never seen this many at once!

This morning our turtle pen was undisturbed but sometime mid-morning, Dad noticed 3 new round holes.  After we dismissed burrowing aliens, we looked for the turtles.  It could happen... you don't know! ;o)

Two were hiding under their terrace.  The terrace was a late addition to the turtle pen and was immediately their collective favorite spot.  In fact, Dad could not even finish building it without them trying to get under the nifty tin shade.  A near constant dance of removing the turtles to the far side of the pen and trying to get some work done before the speed demons came back lasted a whole afternoon! 

Perhaps because they were still waking up, but neither turtle had any curiosity about their water dish nor their food plate newly filled with their favorite food.  One brave turtle eventually made it to the fancy blue plate to dig in. What is their food of choice? Well, surprisingly it's turtle pellets -- Rep-Cal Box Turtle Food to be exact.  Something they refused to eat at their previous residence. 

The other one is not to sure yet and kept backing up to the terrace.  But the first one is enjoying his first meal of 2013.  I would be too!

This one is a bit blurry because I was zooming in... every time I walked close, they would run.  I guess they will have to get used to me all over again. Joy.

And in stitchy news... stash for the April freebie on the 123 Stitch Freebie SAL is all ready. Hope to get it started soon! 


  1. Wow! I love all the turtle pics--they are seriously *spoiled*! And I'm noticing a trend in your color choices--blue & purple & sometimes pink. That purple fabric is *yummy*!

    1. Haha. They are hardly spoiled! We still have to add a gate and some plants. It's all dirt & leaves. :/

      I'm trying to add something pink to all the 123 freebies, so far they have been cooperating! :)

  2. Hi! Me again! Is that pink CC Cerise??? It's, like, one of my new favorite colors!!! I have to stop myself using it on everything! :O)

    1. The bright pink is Weeks Bubble Gum. I looked for CC Cerise and my LNS was out! Boooo :( I'll try again next visit!