02 April 2013

Floss, floss & more floss!

A little over a month ago, a very kinda lady who frequents the cafe I also frequent had to give up cross stitching.  She debated for a long while on what to do with her considerable stash collected over many years.  Finally she asked a crafty chick who works there if she knew anyone who cross stitched.... my name came up! 

It took only a long afternoon to sort the magazines and charts.

Next came the floss... a huge fabric bag full of little baggies of floss. This small bit is the next part I'm working on. (Yes.. I said small!)

I got some new large boxes to organize the floss and am working my way through the bag slowly but surely.  The first box is now full!

And onto the next... :o)


  1. Good grief! You should be all set for DMC for a few years! Wait. No. Betcha you'll kit up a project and find you're missing ONE color! :Op

    1. Exactly! I have multiples of a lot of the colors and I'm sure I'll be one number off of having 2 of whatever I need. LOL! But it's still fun getting it organized.