22 March 2013

Twelve Weeks!

Can you believe it's already twelve weeks into 2013? I can't! Things have started to slow down here. We have had too many funerals this year already, one wedding we had to miss because it was out of the country, and people in my house continue to get sick, ignoring my instructions to stay well! I've also been very busy with Key Way business and my stitchy sessions have taken a hard hit.  My plans to be finished with all my 2012 WIPs and have a couple 2013 finishes has gone out the window.  Hopefully, the spring will be more productive on the stitchy front! 

Updates! First, my SAL with my stitchy cousin over at The Copper Fox. We're doing The Cricket Collection's spooky Skeleton Crew. I finally have the main sail completed and a small touch of brown added at the top.  Next is filling in the spooky face on the sail and deciding if I want to work my way up the mast or down toward the boat.  Decisions, decisions.

Next, one of my 2012 WIPs that is closer to being done now... Mill Hill's Moonlit Kitties. All the cross stitches are done and it all that is left is the beadwork and backstitching.  I say "all that is left" like it's quick. It won't be! Haha :) 

I do love how both are turning out and am really excited about the next phase on each project! Now off to make some progress on a special snowman... Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hooray! Mainsail complete! You will feel like you have been let out of prison now that you can work on the mast... I did! I LOVE Moonlit Kitties. I don't have that one but seeing yours almost done now I know I neeeeeeed it!

    1. I've been surprised how much I enjoy working on paper! It's a very fun piece! And now... up or down is the real question.