15 February 2013

A long overdue update & a surprise!

SAL update! I have not forgotten to update. I have not had any noticeable progress.  Finally, some progress on Skeleton Crew to be done by Labor Day (fingers crossed)! This is the largest sail on the main mast. Thinking about doing one part that is not winter white next, just to mix things up. To be continued...

And a surprise tease... here is one corner of the completed monthly SAL taking place on the 123 Stitch message boards. It's a freebie called Spring, but that's all you get for now.  Are you excited, Honeybee?!?! I am! I should clarify, this is not totally finished, it's stitched & signed.  I need a second opinion on one aspect but that will have to wait for the big reveal...

...which is on February 28th on the message boards and afterwards, I will post it here! It will be the first finish I post on the message boards, so a little excited about that also.  OK, perhaps more than a little! Less than 2 weeks. (Insert Final Jeopardy music here.)


  1. {picking self up off the floor} Wow! You have the whole mainsail outlined! Alas, no progress for me! Trying to finish a borrowed chart so that's my priority. And I had no idea you were doing the monthly freebie challenge! Yaaaay! I approve of the purple! :O)

  2. It's been so long since I updated our SAL, I figured you faint. :) Switching to my other WIPs for a little bit. I didn't see the 123 SAL in time to do the first two and I wanted to surprise you. Not sure how many others I'll get done... we'll see!