21 January 2013


My supply run went better than expected today and I got everything I wanted at Hobby Lobby! A cute little frame for one piece, some backing for another, and some trim for the third. Getting so close!

To hold you over, 2 products that are NEW to me that I'm in love with and definitely count as necessary supplies for finishing fun stitchy items! Well maybe... :)

First, Cool Whip Icing.  Coolest thing since Cool Whip! Comes in 3 flavors, chocolate, cheesecake, and vanilla.  Listed in order of importance, of course! These little containers of joy are not available everywhere Cool Whip is sold so you may have to look a little.  In fact, I found them only at Albertson's. Kroger & Wal-mart haven't caught up. It's probably a good thing I only visit Albertson's when my meds need refilling and therefore cannot make frequent purchases! 

Second, Hershey's Special Dark Syrup. I love almost any chocolate in almost any form but was VERY skeptical that I would enjoy dark chocolate in syrup form.  I was completely wrong.  It is crazy delicious. While it is good on ice cream, never have I tasted better chocolate milk! And with fat free milk to boot.  Not completely sure how this syrup made that milk taste so amazing but it is now a staple in our fridge!


  1. Does the CW icing stay really soft or does it set up a little? Nom, nom, nom!

  2. It stayed soft in my freezer... so much that I thought my freezer settings went funky. But that may also be because I let it thaw for a couple days and then froze it again.