17 January 2013

CSC Freebie!

Every once in a while the stitchy magazines &/or companies will post freebies on their Facebook page.  I made an interest list on Facebook will all the stitching pages I could find. It's so cool to check-in with so many sites at once!

Cross Stitch Collection releases their February issue tomorrow in the UK and it's all about flowers... Full Bloom! Seems like it takes forever to reach us colonists. Leslie Teare will have a feature on daffodils and the magazine is offering a teaser daffodil freebie... here!  Ms. Teare, at a quick glance, also has a lot of cute freebies on her blog Thoughts on Design. Check em out! 

I'm working on completing the stitching on a small piece I started last year and then I have a day planned to get 3 pieces finally finished! Yay!


  1. Patiently waiting to see those finished finishes! :O)

    tap, tap, tap...

  2. Hahaha... trying very hard for this week!